Monday, October 4, 2010

Daily Gasp 09.03.10

Invisible shrimp in your water???

Today there is a report out that the water in New York City is laced with microscopic copepods (aka, shrimp), in every glass of water you drink.  I read this on my O’fieldstream Twitter feed this morning, posted by DoctorMom, who runs the forum.  

This is a social issue with groups who do not eat – for religious reasons – shellfish.  But it’s a health risk as well: for all those who are anaphylactic reactive to chitin : the material that makes up the shells in shellfish and most insects.  Chitin is what the source of the allergy.  So this is a serious problem.

Below was my response to the alarmed reactions of several forum readers.  Preventative action is not only simply, but easy to implement. That’s why I’m repeating it here on YOSAKIME. 

Also .. take note of the RED BOLD section near the end… lest you believe this problem ONLY exists in big city water supplies. 

Think AGAIN !!

This is WHY I take a Brita Filtration System with me and filter ALL water I drink. I’m allergic to shellfish. I’ve had over a dozen anaphylactic reactions; nearly cleared the ‘big hurdle’ on two of them. So drinking crustacean laced water is NOT an option.

But seriously, in all those cities mentioned .. and many, many more … crustacean laced water is the LEAST of your worries when you drink it. Bottled water is NOT the answer. Much of it is nothing more than bottled, w/out filtering, tap water. Plus, w/bottled water you have the untenable action of plastic bottle proliferation.

Just get yourself a good Brita or comparable water-filtration device and filter your -tap water- BEFORE you drink it. It’s a good idea NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE.

Oh, BTW – for those who live in close proximity to any USA freshwater source that is a ‘collection system’ (aka, lake or reservoir) .. you TOO will likely be drinking crustacean laced waters. They are called mysis shrimp (Mysidacea) So become knowledgeable and therefore, forewarned.

It may be a bit of an imposed inconvenience .. but so is getting sick and/or dying!