Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Daily Gasp: 02.01.2012

PCB DANGERS | Very much prevalent and causing serious trauma

This report from yesterday (01.31.12) in the Environmental Health Perspectives, Above The Fold (daily news briefing) reported on a new study of a special cohort of babies in Slovakia.  The results are beyond troubling.

Basic assessment:  Mother's who have higher levels of PCB congeners in their blood samples, delivered babies with significant thymus gland volume at birth. Further monitoring of the babies showed a consistently higher loss of thymus volume.

And the last line from the Abstract is the most concerning to the human community: with special interest to the MCS community:

"Implications regarding impaired immunologic maturation or long-term clinical implications remain to be determined."

Once again, it's what we don't know that is most worrying.  

But what we do know is simple:  We have dumped untold millions of tons of chemicals into our planet's system without having a clue as to the eventual outcomes.  One one word is left to describe such a lame action: INSANE.  Sheer insanity.


Read the full abstract here: 
Pre- and Postnatal Polychlorinated Biphenyl Concentrations and Longitudinal Measures of Thymus Volume in Infants